Metrology Solutions for Plastics

From prototype development to in-line quality control

In the plastics industry, ZEISS CMMs are used throughout the process chain. ZEISS measuring technology already offers helpful KPIs for prototype development. Targeted component and tool analyses of prototypes can be performed, as well as in-line quality control inspections, thus ensuring an optimized production process.

Application Examples

Quality assurance without destructive testing

Example: fit accuracy of a plastic screw-cap

The fastest route to the perfect tool

Example: housing for a tank venting valve

Random sampling in plastic moulding

Example: button for a seat belt buckle

Customers that Use ZEISS Measuring Technology

Always Several Steps Ahead

Example: Injection molded tools

Room to Breath

Precision in Metrology

Computed Tomography Makes Behavior of Silicone Visible

starlim//sterner on measuring technology value in new product development

The Unique Packing Proposition

The guarantee for customers the best packaging solution every time