Setting with ZEISS CALYPSO preset

from an EDM machine to an automated cell

With a ZEISS coordinate measuring machine and ZEISS CALYPSO preset software, you'll be able to preset your electrodes quickly and safely. You thus will benefit not only from shorter machine setup times, but also from greater accuracy and a considerably increased productivity.
Invest in your production of the future step-by-step.

Let your EDM machines do the production

we‘ll take care of the measurement.

Do you still clamp electrodes and workpieces and align them manually? Do you achieve a maximum of 1000 erosion hours per year and thus tie down a specialist completely?

Eroding, manual alignments and measurement on an EDM machine means longer machine downtime, long setup times, inaccurate results and inefficient processes.


Streamline your processes

Invest in an efficient ZEISS Solution

  • Your plus // of Productivity & Machine Efficiency
  • Your plus // of Accuracy & Process Stability
  • Your plus // of Worldwide Competitiveness
  • Your plus // to Prerequisite for 24/7-Production

Manual presetting and measurement on the CMM

ZEISS DuraMax vs. EDM machine – a direct comparison

ZEISS Pallet transport cart

Manual offset measurement on the EDM machine

The offset of electrodes and workpieces often is still measured directly on the EDM machine. But this method poses problems. While the EDM machine is measuring the offset, it is not producing any parts.

Because this measurement on the EDM machine takes a lot of time, the productivity of the machine decreases drastically. The accuracy of the measurement is less precise in direct comparison to a coordinate measuring machine. The quality of the workpiece thus decreases.

A ZEISS solution for your production that pays off

Manual measurement on a coordinate measuring machine already pays off with your first EDM machine: shorter setup times, considerably longer machine running times, increasing throughput and the generation of quality data increase your overall productivity.

The offset data are transferred directly to the EDM machine.
The CMM thus enables the EDM machine to achieve a much higher degree of utilization while at the same time decreasing production and investment costs.

ZEISS Rotating set-up station

Simple offset and quality measurement: from the electrode to the workpiece and the clamping system

ZEISS CALYPSO preset features simple handling with an interactive user interface in addition to offset measurements of electrodes and workpieces.

The software offers a complete library of all current macros for presetting electrodes and workpieces.

Fully automated EDM cell

With the ZEISS DuraMax, ZEISS CALYPSO preset & job manager
Ganze Zelle_DE

In the fully automated cell, measurements are performed on an integrated coordinate measuring machine in addition to the EDM machine and incl. robot loading, tooling and job manager.  

Fully Leveraging Machine Uptime

Offset measurements away from the machine tool boost manufacturing efficiency

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