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ZEISS Inline Solutions.

ZEISS boasts decades of experience in optical 3D and 2D measuring technology, as well as in robot guidance. With several hundred robotic installations around the globe, ZEISS 3D inline sensors are among the most widely used in car body construction. ZEISS plans and creates entire inline measuring systems in accordance with customer requirements.

Objective and fast measurement with modular sensors

With the ABIS II sensors, a wide range of defect types can be detected. Featuring a reliable, early recognition and classification of dents, bumps, sink marks, waviness, constrictions, cracks, etc., the systems represent the perfect quality control instruments for the production of sheet metal parts and bodies-in-white. Users especially benefit from the high precision and extremely short cycle times.

The modular sensor technology of ABIS II offers an exceptionally high flexibility. With the optional integration of the contrast sensor, the detection of contrast-sensitive defects such as adhesive residues, scratches and dirt, is also possible.

Geometry measurement


ZEISS 3D sensors combine 2D contour measurement using the multiple line triangulation principle. This enables the high precision, high-speed inspection of complex geometric characteristics (features) in metal working and in car body construction.

The ZEISS AICell trace is a correlation-free in-line measuring cell for real-time process monitoring of complex characteristics and ramp-up support strategy with the first manufactured part. It consists of AIMax cloud 3D sensor, tracking cameras and a carbon body with LED tags, which forms a fixed unit with the sensor. Tracking cameras identify the location and position of the sensor by detecting the LED tags on the carbon cage. The system accuracy of AICell trace is independent of the robot’s ability to accurately locate the measurement sensor. This networked system makes it possible to acquire reliable and informative measurement and inspection data with the desired level of precision starting with the very first part.  

Chromatic white light sensors of ZEISS DotScan enable the non-contact capture of workpiece topography

Optical 3D sensor for in-line measurements

The ZEISS AIMax cloud optical 3D sensor is the new benchmark in robot-based 3D in-line metrology in the fields of sheet metal processing and car body construction. The sensor generates 3D point clouds directly at the production line and measures complex features with high precision in a fraction of a second.

Gap & Flush Measurement
Measurement of gap and flush along the entire process chain

is used in automated in-line gap and flush inspection and here inspects the optical gap on metal and painted surfaces.

ZEISS AIMax twin

is used to capture the geometric dimensions of the gap and the flush on metal and painted surfaces.


inspects the gap and flush values on painted and metal surfaces, as well as on non-cooperative and transparent surfaces.

Presentation of single-sensor technology and optical gap

Presentation of single-sensor technology and optical gap  

Presentation of double-head sensor technology and geometric gap

Presentation of double-head sensor technology and geometric gap

Created for the gap

Single sensor and double head sensor technology