The easy way to get from the drawing to the measurement ZEISS CALYPSO

With ZEISS CALYPSO, you will measure standard geometries easily, quickly and reliably. A single mouse click on the required characteristics is all that is needed for programming. In combination with measuring machines and sensors from ZEISS, you receive a high-performance system from a single source. Thanks to a large number of options, ZEISS CALYPSO also offers the right tools for special requirements.

Universal metrology software focused on standard geometries


  • Automatic travel paths
  • Automatic, efficient measuring run, no recording of unnecessary features
  • Includes ZEISS PiWeb reporting: professional and interactive
  • I++ DME interface for controlling measuring machines from other manufacturers
  • ZEISS CALYPSO PMI: automatic generation of measurement plans using product and manufacturing information in the CAD model (separate CAD interface required)

A dedicated solution

The drawing shows what characteristics are to be measured: dimensions, position tolerances and form errors. In ZEISS CALYPSO, unlike other measuring programs, these characteristics are also the starting point for programming. Creating the measurement plan is easy to learn, target-oriented and efficient.

The geometric features needed for a characteristic, e.g. circles, lines or planes, are managed separately in ZEISS CALYPSO. This separation of characteristics and features makes ZEISS CALYPSO more flexible, faster and more user-friendly.

More flexibility

  • Generate measurement plans with ease and convenience – and in any order you want.
  • Change the sequence of measuring runs within your measurement plans the easy way.
  • Select any feature from the component drawing and let ZEISS CALYPSO perform an automatic partial measurement for you immediately.
With ZEISS CALYPSO PMI automatically from CAD model to measurement plan
With ZEISS CALYPSO PMI automatically from CAD model to measurement plan

Use ZEISS CALYPSO PMI to get automatically from the CAD model to the measurement plan

ZEISS CALYPSO contains the new function ZEISS CALYPSO PMI. The abbreviation stands for Product and Manufacturing Information. When using appropriate CAD interfaces with ZEISS CALYPSO PMI size, form and position tolerances contained as PMI in the CAD model can be implemented automatically in the form of measurement plans, hence considerably reducing the user's workload.

ZEISS PiWeb reporting included

ZEISS PiWeb reporting is included with ZEISS CALYPSO on delivery. Use the report templates or generate your own reports or templates. The option ZEISS PiWeb reporting plus allows you to extend the contained statistics function from 10 to 1,000 measurements. The packages ZEISS PiWeb sbs and ZEISS PiWeb enterprise provide you with a complete system for web-based quality data management.

Informative measurement results with ZEISS PiWeb
Boxplot visualization in ZEISS PiWeb