New Technology to Boost Productivity

The many new functions and further developments in the ZEISS CALYPSO 2020 software provide substantial improvements in performance for measuring and testing components. Companies can increase their productivity above all through automation — and ZEISS CALYPSO 2020 makes a significant contribution to this.

Your advantages:
  • Significantly reduce the time needed to program and measure components with around 1,000 measurement elements
  • Increase overall efficiency by centrally defining measurement strategies
  • Advanced search function makes programming easier
  • Optimized CAD programming allows measurement elements to be created more quickly
  • Simplified, robust edge curve measurement
  • Download software at the ZEISS Portal

ZEISS CALYPSO 2020: New Feature Highlights
An intelligent measurement sequence

1. Six times faster thanks to optimized optical measurements:

The O-INSPECT "SnapPos" camera function, combined with the new method for pattern generation from CAD data, ensures time savings of up to 80 percent in terms of both programming and measuring time. For a component with around 1,000 measurement elements, such as a printed circuit board, this means that twelve hours of programming are reduced to two hours and the measurement itself takes five minutes instead of 30.

2. Automation reduces time overhead:

Users have been able to create measurement plans in ZEISS CALYPSO using Product and Manufacturing Information (PMI) stored in the CAD model. The software is able to interpret the PMI and automatically generate characteristics and measuring elements. The principle of ZEISS Cookbooks was integrated into ZEISS CALYPSO using the Variable Strategy Editor. This enables measurement strategies to be defined centrally and then rolled out to various facilities, ensuring the comparability of measurement results and at the same time boosting overall efficiency.

Optimized stylus system change-out
Measurement plan comparison in ZEISS CALYPSO 2019

3. Achieve your goal faster with a convenient search function:

The search function in ZEISS CALYPSO has been both expanded and simplified – for less programming overhead. Input fields in several places on the ZEISS CALYPSO interface provide measuring technicians with uncomplicated access to the search function and allow them to find reference systems, test characteristics or measuring elements by name, for example, and use them easily when creating measurement plans.

CAD programming has also been improved: Now, measurement elements such as circles and contours can be extracted even more quickly than before directly from the CAD model with just a few clicks.

4. Edge curve measurements made easy

It can be challenging to measure curves on narrow edges, especially when significant deviations are expected between nominal and actual data. ZEISS CALYPSO 2020 includes a new feature which takes the actual shape of the component into account when measuring curves, making the measurement process much easier.

New user interface of ZEISS CALYPSO 2019
Additional new features in ZEISS CALYPSO 2020
  • ZEISS PiWeb reporting performance boost: The new *.dfs database format provides faster read and write access to data; optimized visualizations enable reports to be generated faster following CNC measurements; measurements and uploads to the PiWeb server can be performed in parallel.
  • Inspect plan comparison: Transfer the properties of changed/added elements from the test plan on the left to the test plan on the right, and vice-versa; remove added tasks from individual test plans; permanently apply changes within the test plan.
  • Export multiple curves in ZEISS CALYPSO standard format: Generate one file with all desired curves with one click.
  • Backup and restore all user settings without CMM specific data: Easily configure new workstations by creating backups of CMM-specific data, as well as user information which is not specific to the CMM.
  • Edit characteristic names for simple distance and roughness: Assign names to all test characteristic subitems.
  • Automatic export of BLADE PRO results: Automatically export nominal and actual data from BLADE PRO to any CNC measurement process.
  • Robust feature extraction from point clouds: Reliably and correctly assign actual points to the nominal contour, even with large deviations.
  • Running tolerances with two relations: Create drawing- and standard-compliant runout tolerances with two references from PMI; expanded PMI functionality provides improved performance and convenience.
  • Download software at the ZEISS Portal
Measurement plan comparison in ZEISS CALYPSO 2019

ZEISS Digital Customer Days 2020

Want to learn more about the many new features in the ZEISS CALYPSO 2020 software and how our software solutions can help you boost productivity? Join us in person or online for the 2020 edition of our popular ZEISS Digital Customer Days event series in September and October 2020 to learn more about our software solutions, upgrades and new features. Customers with ZEISS software support agreements can expect to enjoy a range of exclusive highlights this year.