ZEISS XXT-Accessories

Optimized stylus systems for more accuracy in complex measuring.

Are you rejecting good parts because of false measuring results? If your stylus system exceeds the weight limits for your device, the answer is probably yes. Lightweight ZEISS XXT accessories make it easy to build complex, accurate stylus systems that meet all parameters – and reduce the number of systems you need overall.

Lightweight tools for heavy metrology demands.

ZEISS XXT accessories - Optimized stylus systems for more accuracy in complex measuring.

Importance of weight.

Many measuring systems define limits for the weight and length of stylus systems. Exceeding these limits may result in stylus malfunction. The chart below shows the permissible fields use for ZEISS XXT systems TL 1 to TL 4.

Gray areas = permissible Light blue areas = still permissible with restricted metrology device White areas = not permissible

Attention! Never exceed the permissible maximum weight. The specification in the documentation of your measuring machine is always binding.

Stylus system

Max. weight

TL 1


TL 2


TL 3


TL 4


How you benefit:


Extremely lightweight carbon fiber enables the use of multi-piece stylus systems


Faster scanning at higher speed due to high-strength, yet lightweight titanium alloy


Thermally stable materials deliver accurate results in challenging production environments

XXT connecting elements – Unlimited possibilities for assembling styli.

Unlimited possibilities for assembling styli.

Our choice of connecting elements makes it easy to create a complex stylus system for every measuring job.

Stylus system with commercially XXT connecting elements
Stylus system with original lightweigt ZEISS XXT connecting elements

The ideal XXT Stylus System

A good stylus system combines maximum rigidity and temp resistance with minimum weight. It has few joints, and
can record all probing points safely. Many sensors set strict limits for the weight and length of stylus systems; some can only bear stylus systems up to 15g. In such cases, always use materials that are as light as possible. To avoid exceeding pull-out torque limit values,
make sure the weight is distributed as evenly as possible.

  • Our special ZEISS REACH CFX 3⁺ carbon fiber permits precision results at higher measuring speeds and
    fluctuating ambient temperatures.
  • For the highest possible scanning speed with low form error, choose extensions with a large
    diameter, low weight and high rigidity.
  • Weight distribution must be slightly symmetrical to keep tilt torque within specified limit values.

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