Reduce setup times by up to 80% for maximum productivity. ZEISS FixAssist CT

FixAssist CT reduces setup times for your CT system by up to 80%, thereby ensuring maximum productivity.

By simulating the CT beam path, you can align workpieces on the pallet outside of your machine, determine the optimum parameters for the measurement and thus reduce machine downtime.

Reduce setup times and boost productivity.

Faster setup times

Make the most of your machine and boost productivity. With ZEISS FixAssist CT, the workpiece is aligned on the pallet prior to the measurement. It then takes just a few seconds to position the pre-aligned workpiece in the CT, reducing setup times.

Optimize precision

During setup, the simulation of the CT beam path ensures that the entire component is positioned within the beam path. This reduces the number of incorrect measurements and optimizes measuring accuracy. ZEISS FixAssist CT also extends the service life of the X-ray tubes because aligning workpieces outside of the machine eliminates start-up cycles.

Intuitive operation

The new interface is intuitive and easy to use. New software and functions display the entire measurement volume at a glance. A moveable and adjustable ergonomic monitor arm ensures user-friendly operation.

The perfect combination for maximizing machine utilization

GAMMA Pallet System

The GAMMA pallet system from ZEISS was designed specially for the ZEISS METROTOM CT system and makes it possible to switch out components in next to no time.

Styrofoam Block for Fixturing

These blocks made from polystyrene foam make creating fixtures quick and easy. And there's more: thanks to the metal plate beneath the blocks, you can affix them to the changing pallets without glue.

ZEISS TomoStage

The carbon fiber towers developed specifically for CT applications enable multiple measurements and thereby boost productivity. The vertical pallet system is available in different sizes.