Mastering Failures Caused by Particle Contamination With Microscopy

31 January 2024, Wednesday | 3 - 4 PM GMT+8

About the webinar

Particulate contamination is the enemy of any product’s efficiency, functionality and longevity.

Suppliers, manufacturers and end users demand ever-increasing quality standards, so an advanced technical cleanliness program is fundamental to eradicating contamination of manufactured parts and components throughout the production process.

To achieve maximum quality, manufacturers need clear and comprehensive particle analysis data.

ZEISS Technical Cleanliness Solutions identifies the root cause of contamination, allowing you to make the right decision faster.

Highlights of this webinar

  • Estimate potential risk for contamination
  • Pinpoint sources of contamination
  • Establish advanced analysis workflow
  • Continually improve production quality
  • LIVE Q&A

About the speaker

Roger Ting
Regional Product Sales Manager, Industrial Microscopy Solutions (IMS), ZEISS Southeast Asia

Roger Ting joined ZEISS Malaysia in 2013 and excelled as a Sales Engineer. In 2016, he was promoted to Senior Sales Engineer, specializing in industrial metrology system sales, with expertise in metrology solutions. Now, as a Regional Product Sales Manager, IMS (Industrial Microscopy Solutions), he focuses on expanding microscopy solution knowledge and sales in Southeast Asia across various customer segments - with a strong emphasis on electronics and new energy vehicles.

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