5 Seconds to Spot Internal Defects in Light Metal Casting

5 June 2024, Wednesday | 3 - 4 PM GMT+8

About the webinar

Detect hidden defects non-destructively in 5 seconds - in-line, at-line or off-line.

Every casting method and post-casting process has specific issues that can affect product quality. If not discovered, these issues can cause problems later, leading to unnecessarily high costs.

Learn how various defects hidden within castings can be safely and non-destructively detected using X-ray technology and as fast as 5 seconds. This approach helps enhance the quality of your parts, increase efficiency, reduce scrap, and cut costs.

Highlights of this webinar

  • Typical defects found in light metal casting and their causes
  • At-line and off-line flexible and robust X-ray system
  • High-speed 2D X-ray scan in production
  • Automated evaluation – ZEISS Automatic Defects Recognition (ADR) software
  • LIVE Q&A

About the speaker

Chia Yan Lim
Regional Product Sales Manager, X-ray, Southeast Asia

Yan Lim joined ZEISS Malaysia in 2016 as an Application Engineer. In 2020, he was promoted to Senior Application Engineer, specialising in software application training, advanced application support, and regional services. As the Application Team Lead from 2022 to 2023, he mentored junior engineers and supported newly founded applications teams around the region. Now, as Regional Product Sales Manager, X-ray, he focuses on expanding X-ray knowledge and sales in Southeast Asia across a wide variety of customer segments.

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