Computed tomography contract measurement is the place to have your components analyzed and measured. We provide a wealth of experience in data acquisition and analysis gathered over more than 10 years. Our CT systems are always at the leading edge, be it hardware or software. Industrial computed tomography has been part of our metrology service for a long time.

We are offering the following CT measuring services:

Geometry comparison, computed tomography

Measurement analysis and geometry comparison

Our computer tomographs capture the entire component. As a result, metrological evaluations are possible for both the external and internal structures of a component. Our services:

  • Measuring of standard geometries and freeform surfaces
  • Nominal/actual geometry comparison with a color-coded 3D visualization of the deviations
  • Complete first sample inspection possible

Non-destructive failure analysis inside the parts

Our CT scans visualize errors in plastic and light metal components without destroying them. What we offer:

  • Porosity and inclusion analysis
  • Damage and failure analysis
  • Mounting checks
  • Assembly checks

Watch the video to find out about the many possibilities computed tomography offers you. We provide suitable contract measurements.

Reverse engineering

Reverse engineering – correct, optimize, capture

Our CT systems make reverse engineering possible for your components, meaning you can extract the design data from a finished component. Our measuring services:

  • Reverse engineering
  • Tool correction, e.g. in plastic injection molding

Want to find out more about industrial computed tomography?

Our free app will teach you the basics of industrial computed tomography. You will learn the basics of using X-ray radiation, and everything from the measuring process to reconstruction and subsequent analysis.

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