ZEISS X-ray Series

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Early defect detection is crucial in getting only qualified parts to your customers

During the complex manufacturing process of parts, it is almost guaranteed that various defects will occur not only on the surface. Internal defects invisible to the eye can sometimes have a major impact on the quality of the part that could render them useless once discovered. This is why it is important to detect defects reliably and early on. Early and effective detection of defects is made possible with non-destructive 2D and 3D X-ray technology - and with only one scan.

Alternatively, if you simply want high-accuracy measurement analyses and geometry comparisons, X-ray is the answer to that too.

To show you the benefits of X-ray technology, we offer a complimentary scan of your workpiece complete with consultation and programming service. This promotion is only applicable to companies in Southeast Asia.

Typical defects

In plastic, aluminum, glass, titanium and stainless steel

  • Pores and porosity
  • Short shots
  • Warping
  • Air pockets
  • Cracks
  • Shrinkage holes
  • Inclusions
  • Joint and cold shot
  • Incomplete filling
  • Spongy areas
  • Broken core
  • Flashes
  • Blisters
  • Sand or salt residuals

Meet the Systems

Systems in the ZEISS X-ray Series across Southeast Asia will carry out the measurement jobs based on your application requirements.


With ZEISS METROTOM 1, hidden workpiece defects can be easily detected in your measuring lab. Whether medium or small-sized parts, plastic or light metal, you can inspect a variety of parts such as connectors, plastic caps, aluminium parts and more. ZEISS METROTOM 1 excels in accurate nominal/actual comparisons, dimensional checks, and wall thickness analyses.

Part parameters:

  • Max measuring range - diameter: 165mm
  • Max measuring range - height: 140mm
  • Max part weight: 5kg


ZEISS METROTOM 800 225 kV with the High-Resolution option fulfils your high-precision and inspection requirements. This version of ZEISS METROTOM is used for fast scans and denser parts.

Part parameters:

  • Max measuring range - diameter: 550 - 650mm
  • Max measuring range - height: 550 - 800mm
  • Max part weight: 5kg


With ZEISS BOSELLO, automated or manual non-destructive 2D X-ray inspection and high throughput and productivity are guaranteed – thanks to quick loading and unloading, fast cycle times and flexible applications directly inline or near production.

Part parameters:

  • Max measuring range - diameter: 500mm
  • Max measuring range - height: 70mm
  • Max part weight: 25kg

Scan your workpieces for free

Please fill out the form with your contact details and part description. Please note that all parts are subject to evaluation based on their density and wall thickness.

After consultation and part acceptance from ZEISS, you are entitled to a free X-ray scan, complete with programming services.