Production in full swing and waiting for your measurement results? Requirements increasing and don’t know how you’re going to meet them? Often find yourself under pressure? Here in metrology, we often switch between the phrases “as soon as possible” and “as precise as possible.” But it doesn’t have to be this way. By heeding the guiding principle “As precise as necessary and as fast as possible” we can do both at once, thereby achieving precise measurement results as efficiently as possible.

Efficiency and Precision in One

To achieve the shortest possible measuring times without jeopardizing precision, you need the perfect combination of hardware, software and metrology expertise. Sound overly complicated? Our infographic offers up a few ways of reducing your measuring time with very little effort. 

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Automobile Supplier Wahl Speeds up Measuring Processes

Messzeit verkürzen bei der Firma Wahl

Quality assurance standards in the automotive industry continue to rise year after year. This, in turn, means that performing measurements requires more time and effort, including at German automotive supplier Peter Wahl Metall- und Kunststofftechnik. Read our user report to find out how he sped up his entire measuring process in order to accommodate the growing quality assurance workload.

Heard It All Before? We can make it even faster!

Are you very discerning when it comes to speed and precision? Are you already familiar with the tips in our infographic and want to further optimize your measuring time? The right programming, measurement strategies and system settings can help you achieve exceptional speed and precision. Our application support staff are experts in these areas. Simply fill out the form and we’ll help you reduce your measuring time!

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