No measuring capacity left? Want to verify a new inspection method? Or maybe you're interested in new measuring technologies? The ZEISS Metrology Centers are your go-to source when you have questions or concerns about quality assurance. We assist by sharing our metrology expertise and work together with you to find solutions to your measuring tasks.

Measuring jobs seem unsolvable? We'll find a solution!

Do some of your measuring jobs seem impossible? Do you occasionally have workpieces that are so complex you aren't even sure how to measure them? Luckily, there's a solution for nearly every problem.

Here's one example:

Imagine you have an ordinary bottle in front of you. The bottom three-quarters are cylindrical, while the top quarter has an irregular shape. The bottle is about half-filled with water. How can you determine what percentage of the bottle is filled with water without opening it and only using a caliper?

Here's the answer

  • Determine the height of the water in the bottle using the caliper.
  • Turn the bottle upside down and measure how much air is in the bottle.
  • Add the two numbers together to obtain the height of a complete, cylindrical body. This has the same volume as the bottle of water.
  • Divide the height of the water via the entire height of the cylinder to determine what percentage of the bottle is filled with water.

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