Be it point measurements for exceptional accuracy or the scanning of certain materials, we have the right stylus system for any measuring task. That’s not to say it’s easy to choose stylus components and set up a stylus system. Many factors can influence what stylus tips, extensions, etc. are selected.

Choosing the Right Parts

Matched to your measuring tasks

Stylus systems


Setup of a stylus system
  1. Stylus
  2. Connecting element
  3. Stylus extension
  4. Adapter plate
Expert Knowledge of Stylus Systems

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What stylus tip is suitable for what application? Are ruby or diamond stylus tips better for scanning aluminum? Why should titanium extensions only be used in well-climatized measuring labs?

Our white paper on stylus systems demonstrates what should be taken into consideration when selecting components – in a way that’s matched to each measuring task and environment. Fill in the form to receive the free white paper.