Quality assurance that outshines the competition

Decanters from Hiller GmbH are in use worldwide and stand for uncompromising quality - ZEISS ACCURA ensures the precision of the machines weighing several tons.

How Hiller succeeds with ZEISS Solutions:
  • Large measuring range
  • User-friendliness

Convincing in all respects

Decanter centrifuges from Hiller GmbH, headquartered in Vilsbiburg, Germany, are in demand globally. These separate solid and fluid materials, such in the production of olive oil or wine, or for wastewater treatment. The multi-ton machines achieve high yields unmatched by the competitors thanks to Hiller's unwavering commitment to precision. Recently, the company acquired a ZEISS ACCURA to help them deliver on this promise.

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You can see the ZEISS ACCURA in use at Dekanter Hiller GmbH