ZEISS Partners with Virtus Health for in Vitro Fertilization (IVF) as Exclusive Microscope Solutions Provider


1 March 2015

Virtus Health, Australia’s largest IVF Centre, has set up their first Virtus brand Fertility Centre in Singapore. The newly dedicated Fertility Centre provides consultations and monitoring services. The centre has its own operating theatre, and an embryonic transfer room that is connected a “clean room” laboratory which is the first ISO Cleanroom Class 7 and 8 Certified IVF laboratory in Singapore.

Medical Director of Virtus Fertility Centre, Dr Roland Chieng said,  “Good, clean air quality is essential for embryos to grow and the clean room will ensure that the environment in the IVF laboratory has the lowest level possible of environmental pollutants”.

ZEISS has been chosen to be the exclusive microscope solutions provider in Virtus Fertility IVF applications. The microscope systems installed in the ISO-Certified Clean Room include 3 units of ZEISS  Axio Lab.A1, 4 units of  SteREO Discovery.V8  integrated into flow cabinets, and 2 units of  Axio Observer.D1  with ZEISS’ new and improved Hoffman optics. The ZEISS systems will be used on the latest IVF application techniques and andrology analyses.

The innovation on ZEISS’ new Hoffman optics has provided superior contrasts and imaging needed by the IVF specialists for their daily routine. Among the satisfied IVF specialists is Virtus Fertility Singapore’s Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Liow.

Here are Dr. Liow’s comments on ZEISS’ solutions, products and services:

How has ZEISS optics helped and improved your IVF applications workflow?

“I can get good image quality of my oocytes, embryos and sperm from the newly improved Hoffman optics in the Axio Observer system. This helps me make better decisions in choosing the best gametes for fertilization and embryos for implantation.”

What are the other factors that Virtus Fertility Centre considered in choosing to partner with ZEISS?

“The Sales and Marketing, and Technical teams in ZEISS Singapore are the best I have worked with. They conduct themselves professionally and attend to our requirements promptly even beyond their work-hours. In fact, I am happy and currently collaborating with ZEISS Singapore to add value to the microscope systems in the IVF laboratory.”

Moving forward, ZEISS foresees having more frequent and stronger collaborations with Virtus Group as they grow their IVF services in Southeast Asia through IVF workshops, talks, and application attachments.

“We are indeed honoured to be the first collaborators with the Virtus Group. Rest assured that we will continue to support them with their research in the best way that we can,”  says Mr. Frankie Lee, Regional Director of the Microscopy business group in ZEISS Southeast Asia.

  • Working on ZEISS Axio Observer.D1
  • Virtus Fertility Centre
  • ZEISS SteREO Discovery.V8
  • Working on ZEISS Axio Observer.D1
  • Virtus Fertility Centre
  • ZEISS SteREO Discovery.V8

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