ZEISS' First Sustainability Week a Resounding Success


15 November 2021

The international ZEISS Sustainability Week for employees ran from 4 to 8 October 2021. Sustainability and social responsibility have long been a top priority for ZEISS. And as ZEISS' ongoing successful development demonstrates, responsible action is a contributing factor to the company's long-term success. "During ZEISS Sustainability Week, we wanted to draw attention to all that," said Dr. Nicole Ziegler, Head of Sustainability at ZEISS, adding: "Our goal is to educate employees about sustainability at ZEISS, make them more aware about sustainability and social responsibility, and urge them to help us protect the environment."

The central Sustainability Team joined forces with the ZEISS segments to put together Sustainability Week, replete with discussions, inspiring speeches and local activities that were run across the globe, giving all employees a chance to get involved.

Our goal is to encourage employees to take action – both during Sustainability Week and beyond

Dr. Nicole Ziegler

Head of Sustainability at ZEISS
  • ZEISS SEA Sustainability week - tree planting
  • Tree planting certificate of appreciation for ZEISS SEA
  • ZEISS SEA - Planting for the future
  • ZEISS SEA employees
  • ZEISS SEA Sustainability week - tree planting, a small tree in the middle of a field
  • A tree planting certificate of appreciation presented to ZEISS Southeast Asia supporting the ROAR initiative
  • A sign in the field reading ZEISS Southeast Asia - Planting for the future: 175 trees for 175 years
  • A group of 5 colleagues from ZEISS Southeast Asia standing around the sign

For this reason, sustainable, green, and social activities were run at company sites worldwide during ZEISS Sustainability Week. These included reforestation initiatives, cleanups, and recycling campaigns.

In Southeast Asia, ZEISS employees joined in through regional and local activities. As a region, ZEISS Southeast Asia got involved in two tree planting projects, with employees planting 175 trees for each project. This was also a way to mark the company’s 175th anniversary this year. The first tree planting project was run with APE Malaysia, with employees planting 175 trees in the Lower Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary in Sabah. They planted fig, apid apid, bangkal trees and many more varieties. These trees will be nurtured for a year, including trips to the site to clear weeds and vines. And in just 5 years, these trees will grow to up to 5 m in height, and in less than 10 years they will combine with the rest of the trees to form a forest canopy.

For the second tree planting project ZEISS employees partnered with Penang Inshore Fishermen Welfare Association to plant 175 mangrove trees at Sungei Aceh, Nibong Tebal, Penang, Malaysia.

  • ZEISS Southeast Asia - sustainability week
  • ZEISS Southeast Asia - sustainability week
  • A couple of flowerpots on top of a table with earth and flower seeds to plant
  • A flowerpot with soil and stones in it on a table wrapped with a blue ribbon.

What's more, each of our Southeast Asia markets conducted at least one local activity to get all employees involved in order to have a greener lifestyle. These included waste management webinar in Singapore and the sowing of flower meadows in the Philippines and Malaysia.

The local activities were very well received by employees. They said they gained new insights into sustainability and have realized that there's so much everyone can do to help create a greener lifestyle. “Here at ZEISS we believe in preparing our employees to be tomorrow's leaders. Therefore it is important to cultivate social responsibility in our teams, especially since sustainability is a top priority for us. We do not only care about our employees, we care for the environment, too,” said Ven Raman, Managing Director, ZEISS Southeast Asia.

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