ZEISS Sponsors Ophthalmic Equipment at a Health Fair and Blood Donation Drive


1 September 2018

The Federation of Indian Muslims (FIM), supported by Masjid Bencoolen and facilitated by Podakkudi Association organized this year's Health Fair and Blood Donation Drive. Part of the health fair was to provide adequate eye screenings to the patients; ZEISS sponsored a portfolio of basic diagnostic instruments that consists of a handheld fundus camera, slit lamp, tonometer, and autorefractor which made the examination workflow easy to administer by the practice team. The event was a success with about 140 participants who attended the health check, blood donation drive, and the special health talk catered to women.

"Early diagnosis is key to optimal outcomes. We at ZEISS thank FIM and Podakkudi Association for giving us an opportunity to be a part of the health fair and also recognizing our contribution to the good cause." – Mr. Imran Virani, Regional Director, Business Development – Ophthalmic Diagnostics & Refractive Lasers, ZEISS Southeast Asia

This health fair was organized to create awareness among individuals on their health status. It was also a platform for them to change their lifestyle or seek medical consult if any abnormalities were noted.

  • Image of three men standing next to each other in front of a projector screen, two of them are ZEISS representatives, and one is a representative of FMI.
  • during Health Fair and Blood Donation Drive - a group of people sitting at desks in a room
  • during Health Fair and Blood Donation Drive - a group of people sitting around tables in a room
  • Provision of eye screening for patients with ZEISS Visuplan
  • Image of a certificate from Federation of Indian Muslims presented to ZEISS Singapore in appreciation and contribution

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