ZEISS Singapore relocated to a future-ready workspace

15 November 2021

SINGAPORE – ZEISS Singapore has come a long way since it started in 1975. What started as a small office with about 3 employees has now evolved into a regional hub for Southeast Asia with over 180 employees here in Singapore.

To continue this dynamic momentum, we wanted to create a new modern workspace. A space we can share with our customers, collaborate in an agile way, bring #agenda25 to life and of course provide availability to accommodate future growth with an open office space concept.

“With the relocation, we have transformed from a dated, traditional workspace to a modern, attractive and sustainable one. The relocation will help us reinforce our ambition to become a global technology leader and market shaper. We will shape markets, build networks and create impact for customer success,” said Ven Raman, Managing Director, Southeast Asia.

We needed to create a space to improve collaboration and cohesion amongst employees and to attract and retain talents. With the new flexible workspace, all employees can choose the type of workspace they like to be in, even if it means working from our ZEISS Café.

“We introduced activity-based working (ABW) into our work culture. By creating optimal circumstances for each activity, whether it is individual focus work, developing ideas independently or in teams, collaborating on content or sharing knowledge, ABW gives us the freedom of choice to decide how we want to work to achieve the best outcome,” said R Rameash, Head of HR, Southeast Asia.

To enable the new Clean Desk Policy, every employee is given a locker which encourages less clutter for a clean and tidy workspace.

There is a good balance between “me” and “we” spaces and employees can enjoy their work time much more than before.

The goal of the project was to create the future-ready workplace environment that truly embodies the culture of ZEISS. The key improvement is a shift from a traditional and linear way of working into an agile, collaborative and activity based working style.

COVID-19 has only accelerated trends that have been happening over last decade. The new ZEISS office is facilitating the future ways of working, representing company values such as Vision, Transparency and Innovation-driven approach.

We built the design narrative around the concept of blending technology, nature and most importantly - human aspects of the space. The overall look and feel is modern, timeless, bright and spacious, avoiding gimmicks while focusing on the clarity, quality, and authenticity.

Incorporating nature was an important element in the new workspace. Plants have a positive impact on the overall wellbeing, sense of belonging and mental health - the values which are important more than ever. Used generously throughout the office space, plants are representing the importance of sustainability, which is one of the core values of the ZEISS brand and culture.

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