ZEISS Microscopy Wins 2 Titles at the 2016 Biotechnology Awards



31 March 2016

SINGAPORE – ZEISS has won two awards in the recent 2016 Biotechnology Awards by GHP Magazine (United Kingdom). The Microscopy wing of the organisation has received the titles of “Best for Biomedical Research Solutions” and “Award for Innovation in Medical Technology”.

The 2016 Biotechnology Awards showcase the very best talent, dedication and discoveries from firms working within this truly fascinating and vital industry, recognising and congratulating the researchers, clinicians, MDs, chemists and engineers paving the way for others to follow.

ZEISS has been recognised for their contribution in the biomedical research field. More than that, the organisation celebrates the role they have played in contributing to the betterment and progress of society through its projects with its partners. Some of the work that ZEISS has been involved in include:

ZEISS and the Lung Centre of the Philippines
Last year, ZEISS brought scientists from the National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University to the Philippines for a research collaboration with the Lung Centre of the Philippines. The project’s main focus was a practical study on lung infection and damage, and future therapeutic strategies for the treatment of influenza pneumonia.


ZEISS and Education
ZEISS and Nanyang Technological University have partnered to launch the “ASEAN-NTU Microscopy Workshop 2016” – the first of its kind from the School of Biological Sciences, NTU. The upcoming project, set to happen in July 2016, would see top hand-picked research students in ASEAN countries come to NTU to learn more on the latest microscopy technological trends and innovations in research applications and bring the knowledge back to their home countries.

Read the official announcement here.