ZEISS Metrology Forum 2014


1 August 2014

As the world’s leading CMM manufacturer and the inventor of contact scanning technology, ZEISS continues to strengthen our brand awareness and technical edge in the industry. Collaborating with the Thai-German Institute, a ZEISS Metrology Forum was recently held on 1 August 2014 in Chonburi, Thailand.

Over 170 participants turned up for the forum, of which include existing customers from ZEISS, potential business prospects, metrologists from TGI and National Metrology of Thailand. The forum is primarily aimed at sharing technical metrology knowledge with participants, solving measuring problems and sharing the latest innovations in the metrology field.

ZEISS presented on topics such as GD&T inspection by CMM to improve manufacturing processes, case studies of GD&T application on CMM and general GD&T talk for CMM users. Special guests, metrologists from TGI, Mr. Asada and Mr. Sunti, also provided technical insights on using CMM inspection to improve manufacturing processes. Dr. Sunisa from ZEISS Microscopy also shared information on ZEISS microscopes’ broad industrial application from Micro to Nano. The forum ended with an interactive metrology interview with ZEISS Application and Service team. Many participants proposed questions for the team to address and the event was wrapped up very successfully.

The event proved to be a good bridge between the technical experts and potential customers, where many can understand more in depthly, ZEISS metrology advantage in the market. We are very happy to have all the 170 participants who were there and are definitely looking forward to our next Metrology Forum.