New data collection technologies lead to a significant increase in the amount of process and measurement data. In order to minimize data chaos, existing information needs to be collected, analyzed and presented in a way that’s easy to understand. This is the only way that the data will become the key to more productivity and efficiency – turning Big Data into Smart Data.

Easy Access to All the Key Data – Wherever You Are.


How does welding current affect the workpiece geometry? In which processing centers does the location of the boreholes regularly deviate? And on which machines does wear and tear make itself known? These are all questions to which a company needs answers in order to efficiently control their production operations. By correlating various measurement and inspection data from the production floor and measuring labs, ZEISS PiWeb quickly identifies the source of the problem. From a slide gauge to the coordinate measuring machine and the measuring robot – the process analysis tool merges a lot of data from various sources and analyzes it quickly.

ZEISS PiWeb Increases Process Reliability at Metabo

Metabowerke GmbH manufactures professional power tools and accessories. As a premium supplier, offering customers optimum quality is an absolute must. This company has a long tradition extending back to the first decades of the 20th century and is located in Nürtingen, Germany. With the acquisition of ZEISS PiWeb quality data management software, Metabo was able to optimize its measuring and manufacturing processes at the end of 2016.

PiWeb Success Story Metabo