ZEISS Appointment and Resource Management Platform

An online booking and resource management platform for your business.

  • Grow your business
  • Improve store efficiency

ZEISS Appointment and Resource Management Platform

The ZEISS A.R.M. Platform is a scheduling solution that features a 24/7 online  appointment booking system for your customers. It will help you to optimise business processes, so you have more time to provide your customers with an exceptional service.

Health plays a big role in today's online world

Customer experience trends have emerged.

Market insights show us how in-store shopping behaviour is changing. Digital technologies can accelerate business growth and new customer experience online trends have emerged. Searching for an optician online is becoming more commonplace and online appointment booking will be the norm.1

Don´t miss out; turn online traffic into in-store traffic by making your services online bookable anytime, anywhere.

Are you a multiple store owner?

Branch Manager Service

It enables you to:

  • Manage and control multiple store locations via one account
  • Stay fully informed through valuable insights
  • Reduce admin tasks
  • Implement decisive actions consistently and across a whole network

Digital transformation accelerates the healthcare industry.

  • 71 %

    of patients prefer appointment reminders - a critical way to avoid no shows and last-minute cancellations.1

  • 42 %

    of patients will choose a healthcare provider because they have online scheduling.1

  • 60+

    demographic is going digital, too. This isn't just a millennial trend - it's an everyone trend.1

  • 80 %

    of patients have used the internet to make a healthcare related search in the past year.1

  • 92 %

    increase in preference for appointment scheduling via mobile app since 2018.2

Meet your new digital co-worker. 

To grow your business and improve efficiency.

Discover all features

  • Online Booking

    Provide the most modern online appointment solution for your customers. Offer them the opportunity to book your services online from all your communication channels: website, social media, email marketing, Google my business page.​

  • Resource Management 

    Improve store efficiency with organised resource management. Manage your staff, rooms and instruments  efficiently to offer a seamless customer experience.

  • Calendar Management

    Track and organise your business schedule and appointments from any device to have the perfect business overview. Use the fast booking widget on the calendar to find availability in a busy calendar faster. ​

  • Service Management 

    Create your services with a fixed or interval based duration, with buffer times or pre-defined booking availability and decide which services are bookable via the online appointment booking system. ​

  • Customer Communication 

    Avoid the back and forth communication around appointment scheduling and reduce no-shows by sending reminders. Notify your team and your customer of any changes in bookings automatically.

  • Customer Management

    Store an unlimited number of appointment booking contacts.   Effortlessly manage customer data like contact details, appointment history or notes during the appointment.​

The platform makes appointment scheduling extremely easy. We encourage all our call-ins to make appointments by sending them our online booking link. Currently more than 50% of our appointments have been booked through the appointment booking system.

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