Transforming the Local Metrology Landscape.

My challenge at ZEISS

Senior Application Engineer, Industrial Metrology Business Group, ZEISS Philippines

"ZEISS aims to grow its market share; I want to be part of this growth!"

Archi has been in the manufacturing and metrology (service and application role) industry for 15 years. His expertise in engineering has led him to ZEISS. In this dialogue with him, he paints us a picture of the metrology industry in the Philippine market and how he aims to grow with the organization in the future.

Can you describe the industrial metrology landscape in the Philippines?

In the Philippines, the market has been dominated by Asian technology for the past 30 years. With the introduction of a German player into the market, potential customers are slowly realizing the difference across brands. I can say that we have a major advantage in the Philippines: ZEISS is the only provider that manufactures and sells products directly to customers. Being with the company for already 3 years, I feel that the ZEISS presence became a game-changer among coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) especially the ZEISS O-INSPECT, and other metrology products.

It may still be a little heavy for the market to switch their systems, but I am foreseeing a paramount change soon. ZEISS aims to grow its market share; I want to be part of this growth!

Can you run us through your role as a Senior Application Engineer?

On a typical day in the office, I check revenue status, prepare needed quotations, and plan at least a month of schedule in advance. When I’m on the field, I support the sales team for product demo prove outs, application consultation jobs, and service product promotions and solutions. As a certified trainer by ZEISS Academy Metrology, I also conduct metrology and technology seminars both for ZEISS and non-ZEISS users.

Another interesting thing about my role is that I get to support other countries and for me, this also diversifies the quality of ZEISS trainings. Wherever I go, the knowledge I share with the customers are the same, but the people are different so as their culture. It’s really a nice experience!

And what can you say are your biggest ZEISS moments so far?

A few years ago, I was sent to Australia to support a major exhibition, and to conduct a CMM training to a customer the week after the event. It was my first time to train a client who is not in the Southeast Asian region, which was something new to me.

This fiscal year, ZEISS Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing (GD&T) Training course became a successful project. It has not only contributed to revenue, it most especially enabled me to share global knowledge to the participants.

Do you have a piece of advice for those who want to take up engineering?

There’s this misconception that engineering is only for those who are good at mathematics – don't be intimidated by this. Finishing an engineering course will teach you how to make your own techniques in life, manage your time, and to accept that in some things we do, we need numbers. But the most important aspect of being an engineer is to always find answers to these questions: "How can I make things better? And how can I make people’s lives easier?"