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The broad product portfolio ensures that ZEISS employees are constantly faced with new, inspiring challenges. Cross-divisional projects and interdisciplinary teams are a way of life at ZEISS – also across international frontiers, thanks to our international footprint.

This fascinating environment provides an ideal foundation for your personal development. Find out from our employees what exciting tasks await you at ZEISS.

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The different business groups and the central corporate and service functions offer a large number of career possibilities for all disciplines.

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Archi Ison

Senior Application Engineer, Industrial Metrology Business Group, ZEISS Philippines

Archi has been in the manufacturing and metrology (service and application role) industry for 15 years. His expertise in engineering has led him to ZEISS. In this dialogue with him, he paints us a picture of the metrology industry in the Philippine market and how he aims to grow with the organization in the future.

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Beverly Gan

Business Development Manager, ZEISS Vision Care Singapore

Prior to joining ZEISS in late 2016, Beverly was working as a Senior Ophthalmic Investigation Technologist in a local eye hospital for 3 years. Having a good impression and familiarity with the ZEISS quality and its equipment, Beverly was pleased to take on her first corporate sales role at ZEISS. In this interview, she shares her journey to a challenging yet rewarding career in the Vision Care business group.

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Susan Lai

Product Manager for Widefield Research, ZEISS Microscopy

As an intern, Susan got to know and value ZEISS as an employer during her studies in Rochester, New York. After completing her degree in Biomedical Photographic Communications, she returned to the company as a Product and Applications Specialist at the ZEISS site in Thornwood, New York. In this interview, Susan tells us what brought her to Munich and what it's like working in Product Management at ZEISS – a job she's very proud of.

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Patrick Berghoff

Development Engineer, Medical Technology

When Patrick began his career five years ago, variety and diversity were particularly important to him. And that's precisely what he got: as a development engineer in R&D Optics / Mechanics in the Medical Technology business group at ZEISS. Read on to find out what exactly that means to him.

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Carolin Schiele

Product Manager Ophthalmic Surgery Systems

After three years doing conceptual work as a management consultant, Carolin – a qualified electrical engineer – decided to make the switch to industry. As a product manager for high-end ophthalmic surgical microscopes in the ZEISS Medical Technology business group, she is ideally placed to combine her interests with her extensive technical expertise – and that’s precisely what she loves about her work. In this interview Carolin explains why her current position at ZEISS is the perfect job for her.

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Dr. Sandrine Tea

Product Manager, Vision Care

She never thought that one day she'd be working in the field of vision care: Sandrine studied chemistry in Paris and Lyon and has a Ph.D. from the University of Bayreuth. When looking for a job after completing her dissertation, she came across a job posting from ZEISS which fit her professional profile perfectly. In this interview, she explains what she values about ZEISS and her work in the Vision Care business group.

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Jaikar Mohan

Product Manager, Medical Technology

Jaikar started in 2013 as a trainee in the Global Graduate Program. "At that time there were only two international colleagues on my entire floor. Now there are nine." This helps him feel at home in the Ostalb region around Oberkochen and shows that ZEISS is becoming increasingly more international.

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Ralf Zweering

Development Engineer, Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology

EUV Lithography – that is, lithography with extreme ultraviolet light – is the key technology for the microelectronics of the future. Find out from Ralf Zweering why this technology presents particular challenges for engineers.

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Sarmistha Pal

Consultant for Business Process Excellence, Ophthalmic Optics

As a global player in technology, ZEISS challenges economists and industrial engineers with many highly complex projects. Sarmistha Pal explains why collaborating with employees from different regions of the world is so enriching.

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Dr. Dominik Schmid

Software Development, Industrial Metrology

In many divisions of ZEISS, software is becoming increasingly important, whether in Industrial Metrology, Microscopy, or Medical Technology. Dr. Dominik Schmid explains why there are brand-new and interesting possibilities cropping up for software developers and IT specialists at ZEISS.