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ZEISS Optical Inserts

  • You'll find the individual serial number engraved on the inner side of the ZEISS Optical Inserts mount.

  • It's simple: Place each ZEISS Optical Insert into position over the displays. They will snap in magnetically when properly attached. If prompted, scan the pairing code on the card inside the ZEISS Optical Inserts box to finalize the pairing process.

    For more information, please check the Instructions for Use of ZEISS Optical Inserts.

  • Don't worry! We've got you covered. If you register your ZEISS Optical Inserts on MyZEISS Vision with the serial number, you'll be able to access an online version of your original pairing code. Go to "My registered products" click on the three dots and then select "Pairing".

Eyeglass prescription

  • ZEISS Optical Inserts are available in two versions:

    ZEISS Optical Inserts – Readers
    Available in the following ranges: +0.75 to +1.25D; +1.50 to +1.75D; +2.00 to +2.75D.
    They're great for people who might wear reading glasses to handle their minor visual correction needs.

    ZEISS Optical Inserts – Prescription
    Made especially for each person's eyes based on their own unique prescription. Go to our website to see if we can provide ZEISS Optical Inserts for your prescription.

  • We know some great ones – and we’re happy to connect you with an eye care professional near you. Use the optometrist/ophthalmologist locator to find a ZEISS eye specialist near you.

    Please be aware that if:

    1. you have an organic eye condition, or
    2. your prescription is outside of ranges -6.00 to +6.00D (SPH) or 0.00 to -2.00DC (CYL), or
    3. you are under the age of 16.

    You will need to visit an authorized Optical Insert Professional to learn about available purchase options.

  • Please use your latest eyeglass prescription to order ZEISS Optical Inserts. Ensure that your eyeglass prescription is still valid. Learn how to check it here.

  • We're sorry, but at the moment ZEISS Optical Inserts cannot provide vision correction for prism.


  • When you open the box, you'll find a pair of ZEISS Optical Inserts, the personal code for pairing the ZEISS Optical Inserts to the Apple Vision Pro and the Instructions for Use. Apple Vision Pro is not included.

  • For order-related questions, please go to Apple.com.

MyZEISS Vision

  • The benefits of registering your ZEISS Optical Inserts on MyZEISS Vision include:

    • Activate your free one-year warranty extension.1
    • Track your personal eye health information and expand your vision knowledge.​
    • Save your unique pairing code online, as featured on the printed card.​
  • Go to the ZEISS ID login page here to recover your password.

  • Verification emails are sent automatically. We recommend checking your junk or spam folder for an email from ZEISS ID. If you need to reset or resend your login information, please click here.

  • It’s easy to create an account and register your ZEISS Optical Inserts on MyZEISS Vision.
    Once you’ve signed up and your account is verified, click on the “Register new product” button in MyZEISS Vision. All you need is your serial number and you’re ready to go.

  • There can be several reasons why registration is not working as to be expected. We recommend the following actions:

    • Double check if you entered the 10-digit serial number. It can be found engraved on the frame mount and on the backside of the printed card included in the trifold packaging.​
    • Sometimes there is a typo, and a simple correction can fix the issue.
    • If you are still unable to register the product, refresh your page and check if the product has perhaps already been registered to your account.
    • If the product still cannot be registered, please reach out to us using this contact form.
  • Within the "My registered products" area of your personal MyZEISS Vision account, you can find all your registered products. Simply click on the three dots next to the registered product you wish to delete and select "Delete".

  • You will see a badge with your registered product. This will indicate the product has the extended warranty applied.

  • If you would like to remove your entire personal data, you need to delete your ZEISS ID Account. To do so you can go to the profile section of MyZEISS Vision or directly to the ZEISS ID Self-Service Portal where you can delete your personal data.

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  • 1

    Valid if you register your ZEISS Optical Inserts within 90 days of purchase.​