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for Microscopy in Museums

A comprehensive set of assets designed to enhance the experience of museums and cultural institutions. Our bundle includes a range of microscopy applications for art conservation and natural history museums and references and case studies from satisfied customers.

We understand the importance of preserving and studying cultural artefacts, and we believe that our innovative technology can help museums and institutions achieve their goals. Our microscopy applications enable close examination of artworks and artefacts, allowing for accurate analysis and conservation.

The ZEISS Museums Content Bundle is the perfect solution for institutions looking to improve their understanding and care of cultural artefacts. Whether you are a curator, conservator, or researcher, our bundle will provide the tools you need to advance your work. Explore our bundle today and take the first step towards improving your museum's capabilities.

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  • ZEISS Microscopes in Restoration & Conservation: The Imperial Carriage Museum in Vienna, Austria (PDF white paper)
  • Fast Structural and Compositional Analysis of Cross-section Samples from an 18th Century Oil Painting (PDF white paper)
  • The Corrosion-Resistance Bronze Bowls of Urartu  (PDF white paper)
  • Exploring Corrosion in Iron Nail Artifacts with Multi-Scale X-ray Microscopy  (PDF white paper)
  • And more...  

Collected bundle

for Microscopy in Museums

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