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Microscopes are essential tools used in the food industry to ensure the quality and safety of the products we consume. From identifying ingredients and additives to detecting harmful substances such as mycotoxins and heavy metals, microscopy plays a crucial role in food analysis.

Explore our resources, including whitepapers and case studies, to learn more about the benefits of food and beverage microscopy. We hope you find our content bundle informative and helpful in your industry.

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Our content bundle features a collection of resources that demonstrate the routine use of microscopy in various food industries. Whether you are in the honey, probiotics, beer brewing, starch, or soy products industry, our bundle offers valuable insights and practical applications of microscopy.

  • Microscopic analysis of pollen in honey  (PDF white paper)
  • Light Microscopy in Food Safety with Beer as an Example  (PDF white paper)
  • Microscopic Analysis of Probiotic Foods  (PDF white paper)
  • Using darkfield to best effect when looking at samples of beer production. (video)
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