ZEISS Business Partner Programme

Business support, tailored for your business success.

ZEISS is committed to being your business partner – not your competitor. The ZEISS Business Partner Programme is designed to support you as an eye care professional in delivering the ultimate vision care experience and to help you grow your business. As a ZEISS business partner you can benefit from a wide range of options – from professional marketing support to personalised customer care service.

Our Business Partner Programme for ECPs

We’re aware of the challenges you face daily, and it’s important to us to understand these challenges and your business needs. Global market research data shows:

  • Increasing revenue and profitability is difficult because of growing optical chains and online optical shops.
  • You want to grow your reputation as eye care professional in your community.
  • Permanent training and education is a key enabler for business success: to give you an edge over competitors, we want to improve your own, and your staff’s knowledge and skills.

The ZEISS Business Partner Programme is designed to help you overcome these challenges, elevate your brand, and grow your professional reputation within your region.

But, success cannot be accomplished in isolation. We believe that our shared vision – delivering the ultimate eye care experience – forms the foundation of a mutually successful partnership . In turn, we rely on your vast optical and retail knowledge and experience, as well as your craftsmanship and passion for delivering outstanding service. Combined with our reputation for innovation and precision, consumer focussed premium products, and tried-and-tested marketing and store concepts , we can offer customers a unique brand and retail experience.

The ZEISS Business Partner concepts: simple, proven, scalable

The ZEISS Business Partner Programme offers clear and comprehensive partnership concepts to help you achieve your goals. Whether you decide to be a ZEISS Vision Partner, ZEISS Vision Expert or ZEISS Vision Center, we are there to support you all the way.

Our tried and trusted ZEISS Business Partner Programme comes in three different versions, each divided into scope and intensity. We offer potential partners the following concepts:

ZEISS Vision Partner

Increase your professional reputation and win over your customers with high-precision ZEISS measuring instruments and tailored spectacle lenses.

To become a ZEISS Vision Partner, you will have to work with a ZEISS centration device – i.Terminal 2 with i.Com Mobile – to ensure perfect fitting of lenses in front of your customer’s eyes and enabling you to design individualized lenses for your customer. (Ideally, the i.Profiler®plus is also recommended.)

ZEISS also supports you with a wide range of promotional materials, campaigns, exclusive services and much more. You will gain access to the ZEISS Marketing portal and to our Marketing shop, as well as personal telephonic consultations. When people search for dealers online, your business will be listed as a ZEISS Vision Partner.

ZEISS Vision Expert

As a ZEISS Vision Expert, you will have access to the ZEISS Vision Analysis process to help you deliver the ultimate vision care experience. It’s a step-by-step consultation and sales process that offers your customers a holistic retail experience – from the moment they enter your store and a needs analysis is performed, until their glasses are handed over.

ZEISS Vision Technology Solutions like the i.Terminal 2 and the i.Profiler®plus are integral parts of the eye exam and help ensure a precise, individual visual profile.

ZEISS assists you and your team with regular, tailored training, plenty of marketing ideas, personal consultations, needs-based in-store training and further exclusive benefits. When people search for dealers online, your business will be listed as a ZEISS Vision Expert.

ZEISS Vision Center

In addition to the business support you get as a ZEISS Vision Expert, being a ZEISS Vision Center means you can offer your customers innovative ZEISS technology and exceptional, comprehensive consultations in a premium,modern, and inviting environment, from the storefront to the refraction room. Tested in over 120 ZEISS Vision Centers worldwide, this is the ultimate ZEISS experience for customers and the most hands-on way we work with our partners.

ZEISS Vision Center owners represent the ZEISS brand and are listed as a ZEISS Vision Center when people search for dealers online.

If you're interested in finding out more, please contact your local sales representative.

ZEISS Vision Analysis – the journey to the ultimate vision solution.

At the heart of the ZEISS Vision Expert and ZEISS Vision Center concepts lays the ZEISS Vision Analysis. This is all part of a transparent consulting and sales process designed to provide your customers with everything they need to know about getting a customised pair of glasses. This is a unique and memorable instore vision and brand experience that offers you clear benefits. After all, the more a customer understands about what they're buying, the more likely they are to opt for a high-quality product. As part of the ZEISS Business Partner program, we support you with efficient store and marketing concepts, qualified consultation and plenty of opportunities for ongoing education. With ZEISS as your partner, you'll gain the best experience out there for you and your customers.

ZEISS Vision Analysis

ZEISS Marketing expertise helps make your business successful

The ZEISS Business Partner Programme includes marketing materials, marketing assets, content, campaigns and much more that will enable you to promote your business, service offering and ZEISS premium products. As our partner, you'll receive your own login details for the ZEISS Marketingshop* and for our ZEISS Marketingportal*.

In the ZEISS MarketingShop you can order materials for campaigns and promotions, such as flyers, brochures and posters, as well as lens wipes, work materials and company stationery or nice little freebies for your customers. What's more, our ZEISS Marketingportal will provide you with personalised promotional materials such as banners, photos, videos and templates for mailings and newsletters. The portal is very user-friendly, and content can be customized in next to no time - for example with the logo of your eye care business or with your own photos and texts.

This means you can focus on your core business - and ZEISS Marketing Support will assist you with its exceptional expertise.

Attractive new customer acquisition options

We often don't find the time during the working day to go in search of new customers. Acquisition is actually one of the key factors for lasting success. That's why we offer our business partners many options for attracting the attention of potential customers. This includes:

My Vision Profile

ZEISS's My Vision Profile app for smartphones and internet browsers compiles a detailed customer vision profile and suggests possible correction options. This is an efficient way of acquiring new customers - especially when used in conjunction with the integrated optician finder tool, which brings up a list of local ZEISS partner opticians on request.

Find an optician

Consumers can make use of the optician finder tool on our website and the My Vision Profile app to find a local optician and make an appointment with them via email. This is an excellent marketing tool to draw attention to your business in a simple way.

Templates for mailings and newsletters, postcards and online banners

One key factor for high sales is high footfall. Only once a potential customer comes to your store can you impress them with one of your solutions. The ZEISS Marketing Support team therefore provides you with templates that can easily be customized to draw the attention of potential customers: digital mailings, newsletters and online banners, as well as letters, postcards and much more. So you can focus on your work and leave the rest up to us.

Consumer campaigns

Our consumer campaigns raise awareness - for the importance of good vision and for new ZEISS products, such as ZEISS DriveSafe and ZEISS Digital Lenses. ZEISS is the frontrunner when it comes to innovative consumer focus products. Make use of these product campaigns to make full use of this temporary exclusivity.

Consumer-oriented content with BETTER VISION

People often only take an interest in good vision when theirs starts to deteriorate. We aim to raise awareness among consumers and help them understand that good vision is important - before they start experiencing problems themselves. That's why we've created BETTER VISION, a consumer portal on which to present interesting topics related to eye care in a way that's easy to read. 

This allows us to increase the number of visitors to our website and, as a result, the number of people visiting your store: making regular reference to the embedded optician finder means readers are only a few clicks away from making an appointment at your store.

Exclusively for you: Our customer service**

We're available to assist you during your business hours, from morning to evening: in addition to our products and services, with all three partnership types we provide you with personal business support to answer any questions you may have about the ordering process - such as VISUSTORE, LOGON or eyeglass lenses from ZEISS. Expertise you can rely on: More than 60 percent of our customer service staff are trained opticians. To support you as you go about your day-to-day work and make this partnership run as smoothly as possible, we will answer any calls immediately, and any emails (e.g. orders, complaints and credit notes) on the same day. Our courier service operates in line with your business hours and is available at all times. We'll support your business whenever we can. That's how we help you become even more successful - quickly and easily.


*These services may vary in your country, please contact your local customer service to find out more.
** Customer service availability may vary depending on your country. In Germany, we offer first-level support for our business partners on business days (Monday through Saturday) from 8.30 a.m. to 7 p.m.

ZEISS is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of eyeglass lenses, and is committed to delivering maximum precision and comfort. ZEISS designs and produces lenses, instruments and measurement systems, as well as retail concepts and technology services that continue to raise the bar in vision care.

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