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Sunglass lenses

Optimum protection, more fashionable style, improved colour and contrast vision and less glare

You can really never have enough sunglasses. They are definitely the favourites when it comes to eyewear. After all, they offer more than just good vision – they stand for fashionable style and underscore your own personal image. Along with the frame, the lenses dictate the style. Indulge your passion for colours and tints: single, graduated or individualised – ZEISS makes it happen. Most importantly, sunglass lenses must provide 100% UV protection! If high-contrast vision is required, e.g. while gliding, skiing or cycling, etc. – often in difficult light –, ZEISS Skylet provides optimum vision every time.

  • How you benefit

    How you benefit

    Benefits for spectacle wearers

    Sunglasses as all-rounders

    • 100% UV protection is the most essential quality criterion for good sunglasses. All ZEISS sunglasses have this feature.
    • Indulge your passion for colour: ZEISS offers a wide range of single-colour tints, graduated tints, bi-colour variations and individualised colours that match your personal style and favourite outfit.
    • Looking for ideal lenses for all outdoor sports? Skylet form ZEISS, sun protection lenses featuring excellent contrast enhancement in bright sunshine and strong glare, as well as in diffuse light. These lenses are ideal for all outdoor sports.
    • For your safety and wearing comfort, they are also highly resistant to breakage and are lightweight.
    • Sunglass lenses from ZEISS also come with polarising filters.
  • Contrast-enhancing sunglass lenses: who for?

    Sunglass lenses for extreme light conditions for better colour and contrast vision

    Skylet® is available in three versions for different needs

    ZEISS Skylet fun

    Skylet® fun

    • The brightest Skylet® lens: 70% light reduction
    • Cosmetically attractive, reddish-brown tint
    • Particularly suitable for adverse and hazy weather conditions, e.g. when skiing, gliding, hiking or doing water sports.
    ZEISS Skylet road

    Skylet® road

    • Universal sun protection lens offering 80% light reduction
    • Cosmetically attractive brown colour
    • Drivers, motorcyclists, sailors, surfers, hikers and bike riders value the colour contrast-enhancing effects in moderate sunlight.
    ZEISS Skylet sport

    Skylet® sport

    • Dark-brown sun protection lens offering 90% light reduction
    • These lenses are ideal in strong sunlight and glare, e.g. on a glacier, up in the mountains, on the water or when flying.
  • Technology

    Higher contrast for better vision in the sun

    For added safety: the technology behind Skylet® is always the first choice when increased UV radiation and glare protection are required along with special demands on contrast vision, e.g. when doing sports such as gliding, skiing, biking, or riding a motorbike because these are usually done in extreme light conditions.

    How does stray light influence colour vision?

    Blue light is bundled in front of the retina

    How does stray light influence colour vision?

    Direct sunlight is generally scattered. This scatter is at its strongest in the blue portion of light. Colour perception is influenced by this effect because all colours contain some blue. This is why the sky appears blue.

    Because of this blue portion, all chromaticity coordinates shift towards blue. The closer the chromaticity coordinates are to each other, the less perceptible the contrast. This results in glare phenomena and blurred images that are particularly irritating in extreme light conditions, e.g. bright sunshine on the water or diffuse light on the ski slope.

    This is why Skylet<sup>&reg;</sup> filters irritating blue stray light

    Spectacle lens with Skylet®

    This is why Skylet® filters irritating blue stray light

    Attenuating the blue spectral range with the filter considerably increases contrast because the chromaticity coordinates move farther away from blue and their distance from each other increases.

    Brightening effect
    Skylet® sun protection lenses reduce the blue portion to the point where spectacle wearers get a crisper image.
    The colour contrast-enhancing effect can be best experienced outdoors with Skylet® sunglass lenses. A comparison with standard sun protection lenses demonstrates the brightening effect.

Your individualised lenses:
These ZEISS products could be the best choice for you.

Do you need sports glasses?

ZEISS Sport Lenses

Professionals or amateurs, cyclists or golfers, swimmers or tennis players: good vision is vital and no two athletes are exactly alike.

Prescription wrap lenses from ZEISS are powered by decades of experience.

Sound familiar? Unpleasant reflections and mirroring effects while driving or doing sports.


Polarising sunglass lenses prevent reflections and mirroring effects caused by sunlight on a wet road or on water and metallic surfaces.

Learn more about SkyPol lenses from ZEISS.

Clear vision all day, every day

Lens cleaning solutions from ZEISS

It's always annoying to have dirty lenses. Cleaning your glasses should be as gentle, simple and effective as possible. That's why ZEISS offers such a wide range of lens cleaning solutions.

A quick wipe or a thorough clean? ZEISS has the lens cleaning solutions you need

Not the right product for you?

Would like more comfortable sunglasses?

ZEISS PhotoFusion

Do you find switching spectacles inconvenient? Lenses which automatically adjust to all light conditions eliminate the need to switch spectacles, significantly boosting the wearer's comfort and safety.

Learn more about self-tinting lenses from ZEISS

Personalised advice: find a ZEISS optician near you

Your ZEISS optician will be happy to discuss how ZEISS sunglass lenses might be right for you. Find a suitable optician here.

Find out more about sunglass lenses

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