Energy Filtering Transmission Electron Microscopes (EF-TEM) by Carl Zeiss use electron translucent specimens with images directly projected on a screen or camera. Resolutions better than 0.1 nm are now achievable, delivering atomic scale resolution.

LIBRA Series

The LIBRA range of Energy Filtering Transmission Electron Microscopes (EF-TEM) combine state-of-the-art electron optics with unique Koehler illumination, OMEGA In-column energy filtering, extremely stable digital electronics and genuine ease of operation. Always tailored to your specific needs.



Routine & advanced TEM / STEM nano-characterization workflow with unprecedented ease of use. The innovative framework for Rapid Application Development (RAD) by Carl Zeiss enables new techniques & applications.



Resolve structures in the Angstrom range. With the LIBRA energy filtering TEM you profit from highest contrast for imaging of soft tissue, whenever resolution below one nanometer is required.

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