Upgrade to LSM 900

Your Compact Confocal for Gentle Multiplex Imaging and Smart Analysis

When buying a new imaging system, price can play a deciding role. However, updating might be much more affordable than you´d expect.

Upgrading your microscope can be a very powerful, affordable, and environmentally friendly alternative to buying a whole new system. Not only do you attain new features and capabilities for less than buying a new system, but you also keep all compatible components making it a responsible, sustainable choice.

By upgrading your system, you can benefit from several major improvements:
  • Speed: Uncompromised image quality with faster scan speed
  • Flexibility: More flexibility and shorter experiment times via an optional 3rd detector
  • Sensitivity: Lower detection limit for imaging of dim and sensitive specimens via optional GaAsP detectors
  • Super-resolution: Super-resolution and/or additional speed increase via the optional Airyscan 2 detector, optionally with Multiplex
Spermatogonia in Drosophila testis. Multi-color label with asterless (magenta), acetylated tubulin (cyan), and Hoechst 33258 (yellow). Imaged with ZEISS Airyscan 2 followed by Joint Deconvolution.
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Live imaging with LSM Plus: Plasma membrane localized expression of Wnt3-EGFP in the developing optic tectum of 4-day-old Tg (–4.0wnt3:Wnt3EGFP) zebrafish. Color-coded maximum intensity projection of Z-stack. Courtesy of C. Teh, Centre for Bioimaging Sciences, Singapore.
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Drosophila embryo imaged with Multiplex Mode for LSM 900. Sample courtesy of J. Sellin, LIMES, Bonn, Germany.

From October 1st, 2023, your LSM 700 will enter 'Best Commercial Effort' support status.

This means that ZEISS can no longer guarantee that your product can always be restored to the original functionality in the case of a repair. We will, of course, continue to use commercially reasonable efforts to service your system, but we cannot promise that this will work for all requests. We transfer systems to a best commercial effort status 8 years after the microscope was last sold.

We want to ensure you are aware that you can easily upgrade your existing system to a LSM 900, benefiting from higher performance and throughput, without having to replace your entire system.

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