LSM Plus & Airyscan Joint Deconvolution

May 17, 2022

2:00PM SGT

In this user workshop, you will learn how the ZEISS LSM product family, now featuring LSM Plus and Airyscan Joint Deconvolution [jDCV], offers you a new confocal experience.

LSM Plus

LSM Plus improves literally any confocal experiment with next to no interaction, independent of detection mode or emission range.

Learn how to apply LSM Plus to any confocal, multi-spectral, multi-photon, or near-infrared imaging mode, to benefit from:

  • Enhanced signal to noise at high acquisition speed and low laser power
  • Improved resolution of spectral data with up to 36 channels in a single scan
  • More spatial information and even greater resolution enhancement for bright samples

Airyscan Joint Deconvolution

Airyscan 2 is an area detector with 32 circularly arranged detection elements. Each of these elements has a slightly different view on the sample, providing additional spatial information that makes Joint Deconvolution possible. This reduces the distance that can be resolved between two points even further. See how to:

  • Shift super-resolution imaging down to 90 nm
  • Improve the separation of multiple labels
  • Capture structural information with greater light efficiency

During this virtual workshop, you will hear from, and be able to ask questions to the first LSM Plus & Airyscan jDCV customers who have experienced how these products push image quality across all imaging modes without extra effort. In a live demonstration, you will see the new confocal experience for yourself and understand how LSM Plus & Airyscan jDCV can help you drastically improve your scientific work.


Topic Speaker


Rosy Manser, ZEISS Microscopy

LSM Plus and Airyscan jDCV at The University of York

Beatrice Rix, University of York

Product Demonstration from the ZEISS Customer Centre

Steffen Burgold, ZEISS Microscopy

LSM Plus and Airyscan jDCV: The Details

Chris Power, ZEISS Microscopy

Impressions from the University of Münster

Dr. Thomas Zobel, University of Münster

Using LSM Plus and Airyscan jDCV With Your Own Samples

Rosy Manser, ZEISS Microscopy

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