How Scientific Educators in Universities Are Using ZEISS Digital Classroom to Achieve Student Engagement & Teaching Excellence​

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Struggling to engage and involve your students in your science practical lessons? ​

Failure to do so will result in lower satisfaction scores. This in turn will impact your University rankings for teaching and attractiveness to potential students. ​

At ZEISS we want to help our users to focus on their core work – Teaching. Rather than rushing around checking that students are looking at the right part of the sample you can now see what every student is seeing LIVE, from anywhere in the lab. This personalized and blended learning experience, is brought to live with the powerful yet free Labscope ecosystem which works with our whole range of quality teaching microscopes.

Combined with the digital tools students use in everyday life, they will be kept engaged as they image, document and share their images as part of a learning experience. Lecturers consequently have more time for interpretation and discussion in the classroom yielding better learning outcomes. ​

Who Will Benefit From This Webinar:

  • Department heads who will like improve teaching excellence and university rankings
  • Science Educators in high school and universities who want to engage with their students
  • Digital transformation teams within universities and teaching institutes

Here's What You'll Learn In The Free Webinar

  • How Science Educators Are Using Digital Classroom To Increase Student Engagement
  • The Easy 3-Step Process On How To Create A Digital Classroom
  • How To Pick Suitable Microscopes & Software To Suit Your Budget & Classroom Needs
  • Software Functionalities That Improve Student Engagement 
  • ZEISS Worldwide Digital Classroom
  • FAQs

Presented by:
Chua Hui Yee, PHD 

Business Development Manager Education and Routine, APAC
Carl Zeiss Microscopy

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