Digitization at KSU using Axioscan

Dr. Brice LaCroix at Kansas State University, USA, was virtually hosted by Dr. Matt Andrew, ZEISS Geoscience technologist, to discuss their experience with “PetCAT-Scan” using ZEISS Axioscan for quantitative petrography, especially for teaching and other times when you can’t be directly in front of your audience. This technique addresses routine petrographic analysis, research petrology, porosity estimation and other properties to investigate optical properties of minerals in thin sections to accurately estimate and determine mineral composition. The presentation concludes with Q&A between the researchers. Dr. LaCroix’s work was funded by the National Science Foundation and Kansas State University.


Dr Brice Lacroix

Assistant Professor, Department of Geology
Kansas State University, USA

Dr. Matt Andrew

Geoscience technologist
ZEISS Microscopy

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