Developments in Advanced Packaging Failure Analysis using Correlated X-Ray Microscopy and LaserFIB

The developments in advance packaging are driving the more than moore era to improve system performance and increased functionality in integrated circuits. The diverse 2.5/3D architectures and increasing density with shrinking dimensions and pitches of the interconnects in combination with novel materials has created complex challenges in package characterization and failure analysis (FA). These trends have driven the need for new capabilities in the FA workflow. In this work, new developments in the X-Ray Microscopy (XRM) and laser integration in focused ion beam (FIB) systems will be presented to address the growing needs for advanced packaging. We also present case studies combining the multi-modal correlated workflow for precise targeting of sub-surface features and defects in advanced electronic packaging opening new capabilities that represents significant developments in the package FA workflow.


Dr. Vignesh Viswanathan

Business Development Manager, Electronics, Asia Pacific
ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions and Research

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