ZEISS Axioscan 7

Your Unique Automated Petrographic Microscope for Digitization, Quantification, and Collaboration

Digitize your thin sections with Axioscan 7 – the reliable, reproducible way to create high quality, digitized petrography data in transmitted and reflected light. Uniquely designed for petrographic analysis, the Axioscan 7 combines unique motorized polarization acquisition modes with unprecedented speed and a rich software ecosystem for visualization, analysis, and collaboration.

Fully automated acquisition, coupled with ZEISS quality, ensures consistently high image quality, even when processing thousands of samples. Motorized plane and cross polarization allow for both pleochroism and birefringence to be analyzed, whilst circular polarization allows for the rapid assessment of characteristic maximum birefringence regardless of grain orientation.


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Discover the New Possibilities in Automated Petrography

  • Rapid scanning of up to 100 slides in a single run
  • Automated scan performance for continuous 24/7 operation
  • Intuitive scan profiles with easy to use functionalities
  • Fast switching among brightfield and polarization imaging modes


ZEISS Axioscan 7 at Work

Unique Technology for Polarization Microscopy

A Variety of Super-fast Imaging Modes

The innovative motorized stage and image acquisition system allows automatic switching between different brightfield imaging modes to adapt to the different requirements of your applications. All data processing occurs inline to allow for optimized datasets of a manageable size ready for analysis, transfer or distribution once data acquisition finishes.

  • Improved sample detection and focusing
  • Circular and linear polarization now available
  • Intensely advanced scan speeds in all brightfield imaging modes
Composite multichannel acquisition of Berea Sandstone, showing brightfield acquisition (start of the video), circular polarized (maximum birefringence) acquisition (middle of the video) and the result of phase segmentation / advanced digital analysis (end of the video). Machine learning segmentation is used to classify pore (gold), quartz (light blue), Calcite (dark blue), Micas (red) and opaque minerals (green and yellow).
The Axioscan 7 brightfield imaging performance is driven by a motorized condenser and a powerful white light source:
The Axioscan 7 brightfield imaging performance is driven by a motorized condenser and a powerful white light source: 1) Motorized modulator disc, 2) Circular polarizer, 3) Motorized linear polarizer, 4) Motorized aperture diaphragm, 5) WL-LED light source

Visualize Complex Digitized Petrographic Data

Go beyond the standard petrographic microscope with the new ZEN Pol Viewer display to navigate the rich petrographic thin sections datasets. It will even automatically synchronize image rotation such that the sample appears exactly as it would in a traditional petrographic light microscope, facilitating the learning process in a teaching environment in the lab and online, and making an immersive petrographic experience.


ZEISS Axioscan 7 at Work


ZEISS Axioscan 7 at Work

Plane Polarized Light (PPL)
Plane Polarized Light (PPL)
Cross Polarized Light (XPL)
Cross Polarized Light (XPL)
Circular Polarization
Circular Polarization

Multichannel acquisition of geological thin section. Different forms of polarization illumination can be used to highlight different features. Plane polarized light (PPL) shows overall crystal color, habit and pleochroism. Crossed polarized light (XPL) at multiple orientations allows for extinction angle and birefringence to be assessed. Circular polarization allows for maximum birefringence to be observed regardless of grain orientation. All channels are aligned using powerful computational algorithms during acquisition, making resulting data perfect for subsequent segmentation and analysis.

Automated machine-learning based mineral classification using a single ZEN Intellesis model, applied on two sandstone samples. 

Both modal mineralogy and pore / grain sizes can be measured and automatically reported.

Discover New Possibilities with Axioscan 7
View and download petrographic thin sections with ZEN Lite for free

Automated machine-learning based mineral classification using a single ZEN Intellesis model, applied on two sandstone samples


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Quantitative Petrography & Automated Analytics

More about ZEISS Axioscan 7

ZEISS Axioscan 7 is the first system to allow for complete petrographic information to be digitized across entire samples. Multi slide handling allows for extended series of samples to be digitized and analyzed without user intervention, increasing the availability and utilization of petrographic data.

Find out more about the applications that this latest advancement of petrographic microscopy can help you with.