ZEN system F-tech

Data beyond imaging

ZEISS ZEN system is the dedicated software platform for your laser scanning confocal microscopes (LSM). With a wide selection of software modules, it provides a complete solution from sample to knowledge for your life science research. ZEN system F-tech is a specially curated software bundle for your LSM 980 that includes module FRAP, FRET, and FCS basic. These three LSM-based advanced fluorescence techniques (F-tech) provide additional insights into your biological systems from a molecular level: protein dynamics, interactions, and local concentrations. FRAP, FRET and FCS experiments can be conducted on the same samples sequentially, and data from the three methods complement each other. Enjoy now an additional 15% discount with this bundle.

Bundle for ZEISS ZEN Microscopy Software

ZEN Module FRAP enables the acquisition and analysis of bleaching related experiment
ZEN module FRET allows the analysis of acceptor photobleaching and sensitized emission FRET
ZEN module FCS basic enables the acquisition and analysis of correlation related experiment

Fluorescence Recovery After Photobleaching (FRAP) aims to irreversibly photobleach fluorophores in a small area of a cell by high intensity focused laser beam. Diffusion of the surrounding non-bleached fluorophores back into the bleached area leads to fluorescence recovery. Measurement of the level and speed of the recovery tells the diffusion, binding, and compartmentalization of the fluorescently labeled molecules. Förster Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET) is a process in which energy is transferred non-radiatively from an excited donor fluorophore to a nearby acceptor fluorophore. The FRET efficiency depends highly on the proximity between donor and acceptor, and measurement of the FRET efficiency indicates protein interactions. Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy (FCS) is a method that measures fluorescent fluctuation inside a stationary confocal volume. The fluorescent fluctuation is produced by the in-and-out movement of the fluorophores inside the observation volume. Autocorrelation analysis of the fluctuation allows extraction of the diffusion coefficient and concentration of the fluorophore.

ZEN system F-tech

Data beyond imaging

Benefits at a glance

  • FRAP: acquisition and analysis of photobleaching and photoactivation-based experiment
  • FRAP: interactive bleaching with full flexibility on shapes, location, start time and duration
  • FRET: acquisition and analysis of acceptor photobleaching-based FRET experiment
  • FRET: acquisition and analysis of sensitized emission-based FRET using Youvan, Gordon and Xia methods
  • FCS: enable photon counting based image acquisition
  • FCS: acquisition and analysis of single channel-based FCS experiment
  • FCS: fully automated pinhole adjustment for precise and reproducible experiments


  • LSM 980 with Axio Observer
  • ZEN (blue edition) 3.2 or newer is required for FCS
  • Objective C-Apochromat 40x/1.2 W Korr is required for FCS data acquisition
  • At least one of the following detectors are required for FCS data acquisition:
    • 3ch system with central GaAsP detector
    • 6ch system with 4x GaAsP detector (with counting electronics)
    • 34ch system with 32x GaAsP detector (with counting electronics)
    • BiG.2 detector on DCout port
A sample FRAP data and the ZEN user interface for FRAP analysis
A sample sensitized emission FRET data and the ZEN user interface for FRET analysis
A sample FCS data and the ZEN user interface for FCS analysis

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