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On our virtual booth, we want to introduce two innovations to you. 

Discover Smart Microscopy, a new form of digital documentation for routine microscopy. Smart Microscopy enables you to come to your routine imaging results in a fast and easy way.

At all times, you are able to stay focused on your sample. With the press of a single button right on your microscope stand, you can acquire crisp images in true color, just as you see them through the eyepieces. The system automatically adjusts all parameters for you and adds the correct scaling information automatically to your saved image. All this is happening in a stand-alone operation, without needing a PC or additional software.

Gain deeper insights in the classroom for students and teachers with Digital Classroom equipment by ZEISS.

An interactive digital classroom helps to produce the engaging atmosphere that motivates students to discover their field of study and achieve their learning goals. Enhance your discussions by viewing what each student can see when they see it. Learn how ZEISS can take your classroom microscopes into the digital age.

Increase the Efficiency of Your Routine Imaging
  • Press a single button to save images or videos directly from your stand to your storage medium
  • Acquired images look exactly as you see them through your eyepieces, detail-rich and in true color
  • Easily save overlayed multichannel fluorescence images: select your channel and press 'Snap'. The system takes over and automatically adjusts exposure time, acquires the image, switches the channel, and starts again
  • Your images are automatically stored with all metadata of the microscope and camera, as well as scaling information
  • Stand-alone microscope solution, no PC or additional software needed
ZEISS Axioscope 5
Future Technology in the Classroom
  • Move freely in the classroom while monitoring student microscopes
  • Talk to students and share their live stream with others
  • Pick a student’s images and explain them to others
  • Share images and videos online
  • Choose between two standard infrastructures (LAN or HDMI), or combine them for best performance
Primostar 3 HDcam Monitor
Mark Lau

Sales Manager

Dr Siang Hui Lim

Product & Application Specialist

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Application Note: Digital Classroom

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Product Info

Product info: ZEISS Axiolab 5

Your Smart Microscope for More Efficient Routine Lab Work
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Product info: ZEISS Axioscope 5

Your Smart Microscope for Biomedical Routine and Research
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