ZEISS Celldiscover 7 Skillbuilder Series

Complete this 5 video series and get a Certificate of Completion from ZEISS

Series Overview

ZEISS brings you an on-demand Skillbuilder program that aims to introduce and upskill your usage. This is a 5 video series and upon completing the last video, you will get a certificate. 

Each video (30 minutes) has a minimum number of minutes you have to watch before qualifying for a credit. 

At end of Video 1 - 4, you will have the option to move on the next video.

Upon completion of Video 5, you can download your Certificate of Completion. 

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Course Schedule

  • Video 1 : How to Automate Your Image Acquisition with 96 Wellplate Samples
  • Video 2: How to Extend the Acquisition To Z-stacks
  • Video 3: How to Find and Maintain Focus for A Multi-dimensional Experiment
  • Video 4: How to Perform GPU Accelerated Deconvolution with ZEN
  • Video 5: How to Automate Your Rare Event Detection with ZEN Guided Acquisition

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