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Live Webinar + Q&A

Webinar Abstract

This webinar will introduce the unique capability of the ZEISS Xradia 515 Versa .

It will outline how the Resolution at a Distance (RaaD) capability enables interior tomography and “Scout-and-Zoom” workflows.

The research benefits of this capability will be highlighted by:

  • Outlining the RaaD benefits across a broad range of sample types, size and working distances

  • Explaining how the optimized proprietary objectives and Versa architecture can be used to enhance absorption and phase contrast

  • Providing case study examples of the benefits when applied to in-situ applications (i.e., failure analysis of materials, 4D time-based studies)

  • Discuss correlative workflows where the Versa can be used to identify regions of interest that can be access with instruments such as the Crossbeam laser (FIB-SEM + femtosecond laser) for microstructural and analysis investigations
We will provide a comprehensive overview of the flexibility of the Xradia 515 Versa. This will include application examples in Material Science, Life Science and Semiconductor and Electronic research and development.


Mr Shaun Graham

Head of Materials Research, APAC

Ms Yang Yanjing

Regional XRM Product and Application Specialist

Key Learnings

  • ZEISS has launched the Xradia 515 Versa, a new Versa product for APAC

  • ZEISS Xradia 515 Versa platform is the best in class for 3D imaging performance (resolution, contrast, flexibility, workflows)
  • The Xradia 515 Versa can be used for a wide range of research applications in material science, electronics and life science
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