Guided Cryo Electron Microscopy for In-situ Structural Analysis of Cells and Tissues

Recent advancements in the Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) technique using cryo-preservation namely cryo-electron tomography (cryoET) is offering unprecedented insights into the inner space of cells. A major limitation of cryoET is its restriction to relatively thin samples which requires precise relocation approaches to capture the region of interest.

The ZEISS Correlative Cryo Workflow offers highly automated and precise relocation of regions of interest based on correlative Super-Resolution Light Microscopy and Focused Ion-Beam Scanning Electron Microscopy (FIBSEM) with a seamless continuation to cryoET. Furthermore, the ZEISS SEM Beam Booster technology yields state of the art contrast in vitrified unstained biological tissue of any kind which can be exploited to generate FIBSEM-based large volume tomography data.

This talk will introduce the recently launched ZEISS Correlative Cryo Workflow and explain how it protects your cryo sample, increases ease-of-use and maintains contextual information over the course of the whole experiment.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how the new ZEISS Correlative Cryo Workflow seamlessly connects widefield, laser scanning, and focused ion beam scanning electron microscopy
  • Find out how the dedicated cryo holders and shuttles simplify the workflow and enhance the investigation of vitrified samples
  • Explore how the flexibility of the ZEISS microscopes benefits core imaging facilities by increasing system utilization


Dr. Philipp Bastians

Life Science Electron Microscopy Business Development Manager  

15th June 2021

  • 11:30 AM IST
  • 2:00 PM SGT
  • 4:00 PM AEST
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