Taking Rocks to the Cloud: Discover ZEISS Axioscan 7

Your Unique Automated Petrographic Technology for Digitalization, Quantification and Collaboration

Digitize your thin sections with Axioscan 7 – the reliable, reproducible way to create high quality, digitized petrography data in transmitted and reflected light. Uniquely designed for petrographic analysis, the Axioscan 7 combines unique motorized polarization acquisition modes with unprecedented speed and a rich software ecosystem for visualization, analysis, and collaboration.

Key Learnings

  • Learn about benefits of the advanced Axioscan technology
  • Rapidly and reliably digitize rock thin sections in a range of illumination conditions, creating high quality virtual slides at unprecedented speed
  • Analyze and share data on virtual platforms, enabling virtual teaching and data transparency
  • Increase your analytical capability by automated thin section analysis and correlative electron microscopy


Dr. Matthews Andrew ZEISS Research Microscopy Solutions
Dr. Richard Taylor ZEISS Research Microscopy Solutions
Prof. Bernardo Cesare University of Padova
Dr Lucy Campbell University of Hull
Dr Masa Prodanovic University of Texas, Austin
Dr Kitty L. Milliken University of Texas, Austin
Rebecca Pool Wiley Analytical Science
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