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Primotech Highlights

  • Connect Your Lab and Classroom
  • Connect your Lab and Classroom with Matscope, the free available ZEISS imaging app.
  • Connect multiple users and multiple microscopes to each other.
  • Share your images and videos wirelessly.
  • Results You Can Rely on
  • Achieve fast, dependable results.
  • The 5x nosepiece turret is encoded – you save time and eliminate a possible source of error.
  • Benefit from stable color temperature and energy saving LED illumination.
  • Profit from Tailored Solutions You Can Afford
  • Gain advantage of unrivaled sample space – up to 34 mm.
  • Equip your Primotech with the ESD stage to avoid electrostatic discharge from the stand to the electronic component samples.
  • Investigate opaque or tra