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Battery research has evolved significantly due to the increasing demand for higher energy storage devices and regulatory pressure from climate change. Developing next-generation energy materials with improved battery chemistries and higher energy density while ensuring package safety and stability is pivotal.

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Our eBook, "Battery Research: Insights and Innovations," provides an in-depth look into the latest developments in battery technology, covering topics such as electrode design, electrolyte optimization, and battery characterization. It is a valuable resource for researchers, engineers, and scientists working in the field of battery research.

In addition to the eBook, our application notes provide practical guidance on a range of battery research topics, including SEM/EDS analysis of battery materials, imaging of battery components, and 3D imaging of battery microstructures.

To further support your research, we also offer a series of webinars presented by industry experts. These webinars cover a range of battery research topics and provide insights into the latest techniques and technologies used in battery research.

  • Quantitative Microstructural Analysis of State-of-the-art Lithium-ion Battery Cathodes (PDF white paper)
  • Advanced Battery Research: New Frontiers (PDF white paper)
  • Sweet Spot Imaging of Perovskite Catalysts with Exsolved Active Nanoparticles (PDF white paper)
  • 4D Study of Volumetric Changes in a Silicon Anode Coin Cell Battery using X-ray Microscopy (PDF white paper)
  • and more...

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