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How to automate 96-well plate imaging and analysis

Using artificial intelligence to streamline research

Skip the manual setup and get straight to imaging. On the ZEISS Axio Observer 7, AI Sample Finder uses a deep learning neural network to detect your well plate, calibrate the location of the wells and focus on your sample. Each step is executed without bleaching your cells. Then simply drag the mouse to highlight the wells you want to image and tell the software how much of each well. Or maybe you want to acquire randomized FOVs, it's your choice.

Definite Focus, hardware autofocus will maintain the focal plane across the entire plate, while acquiring a multichannel image. Finally with 1 click, Bio Apps will analyze and output a heatmap of your cell count, transfection efficiency and mean intensity. The entire time ZEN Connect has recorded and assembled each image across a map of the plate. All images are cataloged in one clear project for active navigation and future reference.

Take the work out of microscopy and keep your focus on research.

  • Use AI to automate manual tasks and save time
  • Automate detection & focusing without damaging your cells
  • Image documentation becomes simplified

In this free 30 minute demo

You will learn how to

  1. Automate detection, calibration and focusing without damaging your cells
  2. Intuitively designate your imaging area
  3. Maintain focus across the entire well plate
  4. Simplify your image documentation and sample navigation
  5. Analyze cell count, transfection efficiency and expression level by well
  6. Generate a heatmap to represent image analysis results
  • See How The AI Sample Finder With Camera Works

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