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If you're a lab technician, research student, or research fellow who uses a microscope more than five times a day, this bundle is perfect for you. It includes valuable resources to help you maintain and clean your microscope, work with immortal cell lines, maximize your time for routine fluorescence work, and even use ZEISS microscopes in a regulated GMP-compliant environment.

Whether you're looking to improve your microscopy skills for research or hobby purposes, this bundle has something for everyone. So, dive in and explore the various resources that we have curated for you.

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In this bundle, you'll find links to useful resources such as infographics on how to keep your microscope clean and properly adjusted, white papers on commonly used immortal cell lines, and insights on how to acquire a multichannel fluorescence image with Labscope and smart microscopy. You'll also learn about how to validate customer processes in the pharmaceutical or medical device industry to make them GMP-compliant and how to scan a barcode with Labscope and smart microscopy.

  • Application Note: The Clean Microscope (PDF white paper)
  • The most commonly used immortal cell lines; An Introduction  (PDF white paper)
  • Life Science Routine Fluorescence Applications (PDF white paper)
  • How to Validate Customer Processes in the Pharmaceutical or Medical Device Industry to Make Them GMP Compliant  (video)
  • And more...

Collected bundle

for Clinical Routine Microscopy

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