20th International Microscopy Congress @ Busan, Korea

IMC20 Demo Registration

Experience The Latest Innovations in Microscopy

Visit ZEISS booth at IMC20 to discover the latest microscopy innovations. Explore new technologies in virtual reality and demo ZEISS microscopes by connecting with our customer centers worldwide.

Choose the microscope that best suits your research needs and schedule your demonstration today. Get ready to elevate your research to the next level with the unmatched quality and precision of ZEISS!

  • Try Light, Electron & X-ray Microscopes
  • Virtual Reality, Live and Web Demos
  • Limited slots available

How To Book Your Demo Slot

and receive a bonus

We are excited to offer a variety of microscope demonstrations showcasing the latest cutting-edge technology.

1. Click on a Microscope to choose the technology you want to experience
Our demonstrations range from Light Microscopes to X-ray Tomography solutions, providing you with a firsthand look at the future of microscopy.

2. Book a time slot
You will have the opportunity to experience hands-on time with the microscope by choosing a time slot that fits your schedule. During the demo session, our ZEISS specialists will introduce you to the microscope and allow you to try out the system for yourself using various samples.

3. BONUS: Book fast to receive a miniature microscope
The first 100 individuals to book a demo will receive a mini building blocks Microset. This offer is available only for those who book prior to the event start date.

Demo Slots Registration

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We can't wait to have you join us at IMC20 and be a part of this.

Let's use this opportunity to connect, learn, and shape the future together.

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