ZEISS Crossbeam Laser

Review Article: Rapid analysis of buried 2.5/3D package structures

Discover the new LaserFIB for ZEISS Crossbeam, your femtosecond laser for ultrafast material processing of large samples. Fabricate samples on the scale from 10 µm to 1 mm or more. Cut deep cross-section through hard material such as SiC and expose structures of interest directly. When performing laser milling you will easily avoid contamination of your FIB-SEM as the laser is attached to a dedicated chamber which is separated from the main instrument chamber.

With the new LaserFIB for ZEISS Crossbeam, you benefit from:
  • Massive material removal: prepare extremely large cross-sections, up to millimeters in width and depth, within a few minutes (up to 15 mio. µm³/s)
  • Combining laser and FIB: Gain rapid access to deeply buried structures for focused ion beam scanning electron microscope (FIB-SEM) analysis and further FIB machining
  • Minimal damage: Thanks to ultrashort laser pulses (femtosecond laser) in a dedicated chamber, damage and heat affected zones remain minimal – without any instrument contamination

LaserFIB Applications

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See what’s possible with LaserFIB for ZEISS Crossbeam. Read this article and get a profound introduction to the LaserFIB technology, workflow and application examples.

The innovations enabling miniaturization of higher density and fine-pitch interconnects for multichip architectures and new packages scaled in 3D suffer from the rise in new types of defects buried deep within these packages that can affect yield and reliability, and therefore must be quickly found and eliminated. This article addresses the need for rapid analysis of buried fine-pitch package, and silicon interconnects using a new approach that leverages a femtosecond (fs) laser integrated with a focused ion beam scanning electron microscope (FIB-SEM) for high-throughput cross-sectional imaging. The correlative workflow and integration with a sub-micron X-ray microscope enable a streamlined workflow capable of meeting the throughput and success requirements of advanced packages.

Full cross-section workflow

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