ZEISS On Your Campus

12 July - 4 August 2022

A Unique Confocal Experience in a Small Footprint

Learn more about LSM Plus and Airyscan 2

To pursue your scientific questions, you want only the best data quality.
In microscopy, this translates into the best contrast and resolution while maintaining minimum light exposure. LSM 900, your compact confocal microscope, provides this with components optimized to deliver the best imaging results.

Join us at our upcoming demonstration to find out more about:

  • Getting high-end confocal imaging in a small footprint
  • Improving any confocal experiment with LSM Plus
  • Pushing super-resolution and speed with Airyscan 2
  • Increasing your productivity with AI Sample Finder

Demonstrations: 12 July to 4 August 2022 (morning/afternoon sessions)
Location: Department of Anatomy, 4 Medical Drive, MD 10, #02-03, Singapore, 117594

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